What is google form test

Hello friends, hope you all are well.  Friends, our topic today is what is Google Form Test.  Many people will know about Google Forms.  But those who do not know, after reading this post, will know what is Google Form and how do they use Google Form.

 Through Google Forms, you can easily create forms like online survey form, registration form, quiz form.  You can also collect people's contacts and email addresses through Google Forms and use them for your business.

 To create a Google Form, all you need is an email ID from which you can login to Google Drive.  The data of Google Forms is stored in Google Drive itself.  Creating Google Forms is absolutely easy.  For this, you do not need to be very technical nor do you need to pay money.  Google Forms Service is absolutely free.

What is google form test

 Friends, as you know, nowadays all colleges and schools are studying online.  In such a situation, there is also the matter of getting exams online.  Google Form is a platform from which you can create a quiz form and get your exam done

गूगल फॉर्म टेस्ट क्या होता है
Google Form 

If you use Google Form for testing, then it can be called Google Form Test. With the help of Google form, you can easily create objective questions and short answer type questions.

 In Google Forms you will get to see some templates already created. Apart from this, you can create your own form by using blank template.

How to create google form test

If you also want to conduct tests in your college or school through Google Forms, then let us know how you can make Google Form Test.  You can do this work from your mobile too.

 • First login to Google with your email ID.

 • Now go to the website of Google Form and login with your email id.

 • Then click on the option of blank quiz.

 • Now write your question in place of untitled question or you can also add a photo of the question by clicking on the image option.

 • Now write your option and select the answer key and select the correct answer and write down the number of the question which is in question and click done.

 • If you want to create a short answer question, then click on the multiple choice shown next and select it.

 • To add more questions, you can do so by clicking on the plus sign.

 • By ticking the option of required you can force to answer that question.

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Google form features

गूगल फॉर्म टेस्ट क्या होता है

1. Theme Button

By clicking on this button, you can place an image on the header of your form. Apart from this, the theme color, background color and font style can be changed.

2. Eye Button

By clicking on this eye button you can see what your Google test form looks like.

3. Setting Button

On clicking this button, some such interface will appear in front of you. If you want to collect email id then you can tick the collect email address.

 By ticking the limit to one response, the student will be able to test only once with an ID.

4. Multiple Choice 

 By clicking on this option, you can select the format of your question.

5. प्लस आइकन

By clicking on this icon, you can add new question space for your form.

6. फोटो आइकन

If you do not want to write question, then with this option you can also edit question photo

7. वीडियो आइकन

You can also add videos to your form by selecting this icon.

 When your Google test form is completely ready, then you click on the send option.

 You can also email this Google test form.  If you do not want to email, you can copy and share the link.

 You can also shorten that link by clicking on the shorten link.

 Here I have created a Google test form.  Seeing this, you can understand what it is like.

Hope you have understood well what is Google Form and how to create Google Test Form.  If you like this post, then definitely share it so that more and more people can get information about it.

 If you have any question related to this post, you can write it in the comments section or you can also mail it to us.

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