What is telegram? How to make money from telegram?

You must have heard the name of Telegram.  Many of you also use it.  Telegram is a messaging app that is similar to WhatsApp.  But it has many features which are not in WhatsApp.

 Today through this post we will tell you about the Telegram app.  You must have used many messaging apps.  But you would prefer to use Telegram.  Apart from this, there are some ways, using which you can earn money from Telegram.

 Nowadays people are finding ways to earn money online.  If you also want to earn money online, then Telegram can be a good medium for you.  If you also want to know about Telegram and want to earn money from it, then read this post in full.

What is telegram

What is Telegram ? How to earn money from Telegram ?

 Friends, you will be using WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.  Telegram is also a messaging app of its kind.  Telegram is very popular among people due to its characteristics.

 Telegram was launched in 2013 by Nikolai Durov and Pavel Durov together.  You can also use Telegram in Android, iOS and Windows operating systems.  In Telegram, you can send messages, photos and videos to each other.

 Telegram is a cloud based messaging platform.  This means that whatever data is in this app, it will not be stored in your device storage.  All your data will be stored on Telegram's server.  For this reason, you will have very little use of your device storage to use this application.

How is Telegram different from WhatsApp?

 If you do not use Telegram, it will be very interesting for you to know how Telegram is different from WhatsApp.  Here we will talk about some such features of Telegram which is not in WhatsApp.

 >> As we mentioned above, WhatsApp itself does not store any data whereas in Telegram all your data gets stored on Telegram's server.  This does not reduce the storage capacity of your device.

 >> As you know we can add a maximum of 256 people to a group in WhatsApp.  But in Telegram, you can create a group and add 2 lakh people to it.

 >> Apart from this you can also create your channel on Telegram.  To make money from Telegram, you have to create a channel and earn maximum subscribers.

How to make money with telegram 

 Friends, if you want to earn money from Telegram, then first you have to create a channel.  You can create your channel by going to create a channel option in Telegram app.

 There are many ways to earn money from Telegram.  By adopting these methods you can earn money from your Telegram channel.  Let us know about these methods ..

 • Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn money from Telegram.

 There are many companies like Amazon and Flipkart whose affiliate program you can join.  After this, you can share the affiliate link of any product you want to sell on your Telegram channel.  When a customer will buy the product from your affiliate link, you will get its commission.

 • Course Selling

 If you have maintained an education channel on Telegram, you can sell your course. Apart from this, you can also sell your important notes through the channel.

 • Paid Promotions

If you have more subscriber on Telegram channel, you can earn money through promotion. There are many channels on Telegram that use paid promotion to develop their channels. In addition, you can contact the owner of the Telegram channel and charge money to promote its channel.

 • Sponsorship

As you may have seen on YouTube, people speak for downloading an app on their channel. Many app companies sponsor people and give you money to increase their app downloads. You can also contact these companies for sponsorship of apps on your Telegram channel.

 • Link Shortner

 You can make money through link shortener websites. If your telegram channel is related to movies or web series, you can shorten your link from the link shortener website and share it on your channel. Whenever someone opens that link, the link shortener website shows AIDS for a few seconds, for which you are paid.

 • Product's Reselling

  Product reselling means that you can sell someone else's product as per your own. There are apps like Meisho, Club Factory and many more that give you the opportunity to resell your product.

 If you want to sell a product from these apps, you can share the photo and description of that product on your Telegram channel. Whenever someone wants to buy this product, they will message you. You can price these products according to your own.

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 •Refer & Earn

 There are many websites or apps that pay you to refer. For this, you have to register on that app or website and send your referral link to others. Whenever someone registers on that app or website with your referral link, the app will get money.

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