What is Dream 11 ? How to play Dream 11?

Dream 11 क्या है ? Dream 11 कैसे खेलें

You must have heard about Dream 11.  If you do not know about Dream 11 then through this post you will know what is dream 11?  How to create an account on Dream 11?  How to choose a team in Dream 11?  How to make money from Dream 11?

Do you have a good knowledge about sports like cricket, football, baseball, basketball and hockey?  If you have good knowledge of any of these sports, then you can earn good money from dream 11.

Dream 11 क्या है ? Dream 11 पर अकाउंट कैसे What is Dream 11? How to create an account on Dream 11? 

Dream 11 is an online sports website that gives you a chance to earn money online.  On Dream 11 you can win prizes by using your sports knowledge.  The Dream 11 app is available for both Android and iOS.

 Dream 11 is an Indian company founded in 2008.  Its founders are HARSH JAIN and BHAVIT SHETH.

 Dream 11 is the title sponsor of IPL 2020.

 Dream 11 is rated 4.4 out of 5.  So far, the number of users of Dream 11 has exceeded 8 crore.  You can download the Dream 11 app from dream11.com.  This app does not exist on the play store.

dream 11 app download for android new version 

 • After downloading the app, install the app. Now open the app and click on enter code.

 • Now use enter invite code SHIVAM17412JK.

 • If you do not use the invite code, you will not get ₹ 100 bonus.

 • Enter your mobile number, email and password and click on register. After this enter OTP.

 In this way, you can create your account in dream 11.

How to choose a cricket team in Dream 11

Select any upcoming contest first. After this, click on create team to choose your team in 11. After this you can choose your favorite player key. You can select up to 7 players from a team.

Wicket Keeper

You can choose from 1 to 4 wicket Keeper in your team.


After this you have to choose bastman. You can select between 3 and 6 batsmen in your team.

All Rounder

You can select 1 to 4 all rounders for your team.


You can select 3 to 6 bowlers in your team.

 As you know cricket team consists of 11 players. After selecting your 11 players, choose the captain and vice captain. The captain will give you 2x points while the vice captain will give you 1.5x points. Choose the captain and vice captain carefully, because these are the ones who make you the winner in the contest.

 After choosing the team, now you have to participate in any contest. Select any match you want to take part in. Now you will get to see different contests. According to your convenience, select the contest you want to participate in. After this pay the entry fee and join that contest.

How to make money with dream 11

 To earn money from dream 11, you have to use your knowledge and choose a good team.  If your players perform well and you get top rank in that contest then you can win a lot of money.

 You can transfer the money you won from dream 11 to your bank.

Tips for winning the Dream 11 Cricket Contest

If you want as much as dream 11 cricket contest, then follow these tips.

 • When choosing a cricket team in dream 11, make sure that you do not choose a player who is not playing in that match. If you choose such a player, you will get 0 points for it.

 • Before selecting the player, take a look at the performance of the previous matches of that player.

 • When choosing the Dream 11 team, choose captain and vice captain carefully, because these are the ones that help you win the contest.

 • If possible, participate with your many teams in a single contest. This can increase your chances of winning.

 • As ipl 2020 is about to start, then you keep an eye on every single match daily and keep analyzing the performance of the players.

 Hope you liked our post how to use dream 11. Use your knowledge more and more and earn money.

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