How to make money with Google?

How to make money from Google.
गूगल से पैसे कैसे कमाएं

Friends, you all use Google.  But we are not talking about how to use Google etc., today we are going to talk about how to make money from Google.

 By the way, I want to make one thing clear that earning online is not so easy that today you have learned a way how to earn money sitting at home and from next day you start earning in thousands.

 But it is also true that if you are aware of your work and give little time for it, you can earn money.  It will take some time to earn money online.

 Google is a reliable company and we use many of its products.  There are also some of these products from which you can also earn money.

 1. Blogger

How to earn money from blogging
 Friends Blogger is a product of Google itself.  Through this you can make your blog absolutely free.  A blog is a kind of website that needs to be updated periodically.

 Whatever you search in Google, you call it keyword.  Whenever you search for a keyword, you see many websites related to it.  All these websites are a blog which provides you information.

 You can create a blog on Blogger for free.  After creating a blog, you will have to write and publish the article on it.  You can write an article on the area where you have good knowledge.

 Now it's my turn to bring traffic to the blog.  You cannot make income from a blog without traffic.  For this, you will have to learn SEO (SEARCH Engine OPTIMIZATION).

 You will have to monetize your website when good traffic will start coming to your blog.  After monetize your blog with Google Adsense, the ads will start appearing on your website.

 After this your earning will also start.

 2. YouTube

How to make money with youtube

 You all must have used YouTube. It is also a product of Google itself. You can also watch and upload videos on YouTube. Nowadays people spend more time on YouTube than on websites. So you can earn good money from YouTube.

 To make money from YouTube, first you need to create your YouTube channel. After this you will have to upload quality videos to your channel.

 YouTube creators can also monetize their channel through AdSense. Advertising is the main source of revenue from YouTube. You are paid based on the advertisement shown while watching the video.

 If people like your video then people will also subscribe to your channel. To earn money from YouTube, your channel must have 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours of watch time.

 Example of Niche (Topics) to start blogging / YouTube Channel

 1. Technology
 2. Fashion
 3. News
 4. Traveling
 5. Music and Movie
 6. Health and Fitness
 7. Food
 8. Education
 9. Digital marketing
 10. Finance and Investment
 11. Self Improvement

 3. Adsense

Make money with adsense
Adsense is a product of Google which is an advertising network.  You can monetize your YouTube channel and blog through AdSense.

 If you have a YouTube channel and have completed 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours of watch time, you can monetize your channel with AdSense.  After this your earning will start.

 In addition, if you have a blog, you must first create an account on AdSense and submit your blog for approval.  If you get AdSense approval then ads will start appearing on your blog.

 If your blog is getting good traffic then you can earn good money from Adsense.

4. Admob

Earn money from admob


 Admob Google has its own ad network that displays advertisements on Apps.

 For this you have to make a good app and publish it on Play Store. If you do not know how to make an app, you can learn app development. If you do not want to learn, you can also make an app from an app developer.

 Admob shows ads on your app, which gives you money. This is similar to the way Adsense shows ads on your YouTube channel and blog.

 The more people use your app, the higher your earning will be.

 Many times you may have noticed that there are some apps on the Play Store that you have to pay to download. So you can also create a premium version of your app and sell it.

 Note - To earn money from Adsense and Admob, please take full information about their policy. If you violet their policy, your AdSense account may also be disabled.

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