How to sell photo online and earn money?


How to make money by selling photos online? Online earning.
Online earning

Friends, if you have a good smartphone and you are fond of photography then you can earn money sitting at home.  If you know how to capture pictures of different types of animals and the beauty of nature from your mobile, then you can easily earn money by uploading it on some websites.

 You will like this way of earning online if you are fond of photography. We will tell you about some websites from which you can earn money.

 For this, all you need is a good smartphone.  You won't have to go anywhere.  You can do this work sitting at home.  So let's know on which website you have to pay for uploading photos.


 On this website, you can earn a commission by sharing your photos, illustrations, video footage, vectors and sound files.  On this website, you can earn up to 30-60 percent commission according to your contribution level.

 From this website you can receive money through PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer or Alipay (China only).

 To become a contributor on this website

 • First go to  www.123rf.com.

 • Now click on the 123rf contributor button at the bottom.

 • Then click on a become a contributor button sign-up.

 • Now fill your details and click on the sign-up button.


  On this website, you can participate in various categories of competition according to your interest.  There are many types of prizes for the winners.  You can get feedback from the world's leading photographers and also connect with the global community of photographers.  For more information, visit photocrowd.com.


 If you are fond of photography and you take pictures of animals, then this website is for you.  If you upload high quality photos, you can earn 50% commission.  Photos must be shot on 10 MP cameras or more.  For more information, visit this website and read the guidelines thoroughly.


 On this website you get a commission of up to 50% for each photo.  Whenever someone downloads your photo, you get a commission.  To create an account on this website

 • First go to alamy.com

 • Now click on selling with alamy at the bottom and click on become a contributor.

 • Then fill all the details and click on the sign-up button.

 Note- Before contributing on any website mentioned in this post, read its guidelines thoroughly and check how you will get paid.

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