Things to keep in mind before buying a laptop.

Keep these things in mind before buying a Laptop
Laptop buying guide 2020

Are you thinking of buying a laptop?  Because there are so many laptops of different brands in the market, it can be a hassle to choose the best laptop for you.  Often people do not take care of important things while buying a laptop, due to which they have to repent later.

 If you are thinking of buying a laptop, then first decide your budget.  The features of the laptop vary according to the budget.  Next, choose according to your need whether you want a laptop for general tasks or for gaming and designing.  So let's know what to keep in mind while buying a laptop.

Set Your Budget

  It is most important to set your budget before purchasing any item. There are different brands of laptops in the market according to price and features. If you are going to buy a laptop, first set your budget so that there is no problem later.

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Screen size of laptop

You can choose the screen size according to your need.  For example, if you have to move your laptop from one place to another, then a laptop with 12 to 14 inch screen is best for you.  This will not cause you any harm during the journey.

 If you do not want to move around with a laptop and are fond of watching movies, then a laptop with 15.6 to 17 inch screen will be best for you.  In this, you can also do video editing easily.

 Laptop's RAM

 Nowadays, whether mobile or laptop, RAM plays a very important role.  When purchasing a laptop, keep in mind that the RAM should not be less than 4 GB in it.  But if you do a lot of gaming or video editing then you should get an 8 GB laptop.


  The better the processor, the better the performance of the laptop.  Intel and AMD processors are well-known in the market.  By the way, people like Intel more.

 If you choose an Intel processor, make sure that your processor is not less than the core i5.  By the way, you can also choose core i7 according to your budget.

 Laptop's battery

 No matter how good the performance of your laptop is, but the battery backup of your laptop will not be good, then you will have a lot of trouble.  You will have to charge your laptop again and again.  So while purchasing a laptop, keep in mind that the battery backup of your laptop is not less than 6 hours.

 USB port type C

 As you may have noticed, older laptops had many ports.  But now only 2-3 ports are given due to the size of the laptop being small.  In such a situation, it would be better to take USB C type ports as they are universal.

Last words,

Hope you all understand what to keep in mind before buying a laptop.  If you like this information, then share it with your friends too.

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