How to block spam calls / messages on mobile numbers.

How to block spam calls on your mobile number
DND Activation

Friends, have you also got upset with spam calls / messages?  And do you know how you can stop these spam calls?  If you do not know, we will tell you about the means by which you can stop the spam calls / messages on your number.

 It happens many times that you are doing some urgent work and suddenly a call comes.  But when you receive the call, it shows that it was a spam call.  This way, your work gets interrupted because these calls irritate a lot.

 If you do not want to be disturbed by these spam calls / messages then you can block them.  No matter how you use the SIM of any company, you can block spam calls.  Let us know how these spam calls can be stopped.

Airtel missed call alert- activation process

Why and how Spam calls come

 Nowadays the practice of telemarketing is in full swing, but telecom companies have no role in it.  The question will come in your mind that how do these companies get your mobile number.  So the reason for this is you yourself because you have given your mobile number on the social media platform.  Or sometimes you deposit your mobile number on another platform.  In this way, telemarketing companies collect your number and then call / message you.

 You can block spam calls / messages on any number of jio, airtel, idea, and vodafone.  There are two ways to block spam calls / messages.  The first way is through SMS and the second is through calling.

 How to activate DND via SMS

 If you are disturbed by unnecessary calls and messages on your mobile number, you can block it by messaging messages.

 • For this, first go to your phone's messaging apps.

 • Then type START 0 in the message.

 • Now send this message to 1909.

 • After this, spam calls / messages on your mobile number will stop.

  How to block spam calls / messages through calling

 You can also block spam calls / messages by calling from your mobile number.

 • For this, first go to your mobile's dialer app.

 • Then call 1909.

 • Now follow the instructions stated by AVR.

 • By activating the DND (Do Not Disturb) service, you can get rid of spam calls.

 Now you must have understood that you can block spam calls / messages on your mobile number by activating DND (Do Not Disturb) service.  You can also activate this service through messaging and calling.

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