Make your people card in Google and show yourself in Google search

How to create People Card in Google
Create your people card

If you want to appear in Google Search, it is not necessary that you are a celebrity.  Google has launched a People Card in India, which is a virtual visiting card with the help of which you can easily appear in Google search.  Google has launched this feature in English language.

 Now it is not necessary that you will be famous only when your name appears in Google Google search.  If you also want your name to appear on search in Google, then for this you will have to create a virtual visiting card in Google.  In this, your social profile, website, location, education etc. can be shown.

 This feature has been launched only in India.  So now you can make a people card in your phone and can also see other people's cards.

 This feature is designed keeping in mind those who are self-employed people, businessmen, influencers, freelancers and those who are looking for jobs and want to come in Google search.

 how to make a people card

1. First of all open the Chrome browser in your mobile and login.

 2. Now search Google by typing 'Add me to search'.

 3. Now in the first result you will get Add to google search.

 4. Now click on Get Started.

 5. Now first you have to enter your mobile number.

 6. Now enter the otp sent to your mobile number.

 7. Next, enter the information you want to make public.

 8. Now click on Preview and save.

 After this people will be able to search you on Google.

What about Security

 Google has also ensured the security of people's cards.  Each user can create only one people card to which his or her email address and a unique phone number will be linked.  Users will have complete control over their people card, that is, the user can delete / add their information whenever they want.  You can opt out of this service completely - this will prevent your card from appearing in Google search.

 You will also get a feedback button in the card.  This feedback button can be used for low-quality information or a card that has been created by an impersonator.

What if people have common name

 Like there are many people of the same name.  When you search for a name, you will find several people's cards.  So in such a situation you can identify the man you are looking for through a photo.  If there is no photo, you can also know its location or occupation.

 So in this way you can make your people card.  In this, you can also tell about your business so that people can reach you easily.  Even if you are a common man, you can display yourself in your Google search through this service of Google.

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