How to hide your secret whatsapp chat. My Zero Guide

How to Hide chats in WhatsApp : tips & tricks
You all know how important privacy is. Nowadays there are many things in WhatsApp that people want to keep private. Of course you also use WhatsApp. You will have some friends in your WhatsApp contact with whom you chat secretly, but you don't want anyone else to read it.

 Did you also have to delete your private chat to hide which you do not want to delete. Now you will not need to delete your personal chat. We will tell you such tricks that will enable you to hide your personal chats without deleting and also bring it back.

 You do not need any app for this. The trick we will tell is already present in WhatsApp. It is possible that many people also know this. But those who do not know about this trick will also know after reading this post.

How to hide your secret whatsapp chat in android

If you want to hide your private chats then follow these steps.

 •> First open WhatsApp on your mobile.

 •> Now press the icon of the friend whose private chat you want to hide.

 •> Next, an archive icon will appear at the top, click on it.

 •> By doing this, your personal chat will be hidden.

How to hide your secret whatsapp chat in iphone

 If you are an iPhone user, you can hide your personal chat with the help of steps given below.

 •> First open WhatsApp in your iPhone.

 •> Next, slide the chat to the left.

 • Now click on the option to archive.

 •> Doing this will hide your personal chat.

How to Unhide Your Secret Chat

  If you want to bring back your hidden chat then follow these steps.

 •  Open WhatsApp on your phone.

 •> Next, go downstream, where the option of archive will appear.

 •> Click on archive option.

 •> Now you will see the chat you hid. Press it for a while.

 •> Now click on Unarchive Chat option.

 •> As soon as you do this, your hidden chat will return.

 Final Words,

 Now you must have understood well how to hide and unhide secret chat in WhatsApp. If you liked this post, then share it with your friends. You can also follow us so that you can get information about upcoming posts.

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