How to recover deleted photos from Google Photos.

How to recover your deleted Pictures from Google Photos
Recover Deleted Pictures

 If you have maintained an account on Google Photos, it automatically saves photos taken with your mobile camera.  If a photo is deleted from your mobile phone, you can easily recover that photo with the help of Google Photos.

 People use Google Photos as an online backup.  This is because there is no risk of photo deletion and the photo is protected.  But if you have accidentally deleted a photo from Google Photos, then you have trouble taking backup.  So we will tell you about some ways by which you can easily retrieve deleted photos from Google Photos.

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 How to recover picture from Google Photos in Android.

 • First of all open the Google Photos app in your phone.

 • Now click on the Library option at the bottom.

 • Now click on the bin option at the top right of the screen.

 • Now select the photos you want to recover and click on restore option.

 • After this all your deleted photos will be returned.

 How long the deleted photos remain in trash

 If you want to recover your deleted photos then there is also a limited time for that.  Photos are available for only 60 days in the trash / bin.  After 60 days, they are automatically deleted permanant.  After this, you will not be able to restore the deleted images.

 How to recover deleted images from Google Photos on iPhone

  • Open the Google Photos app on your device.

 • Now click on the three lines that appear on the right.

 • Now go to option trash or bin and select pictures.

 • Then click on restore option.

 This is how web users recover deleted images from Google Photos

 •  • Open a link to Google photos in your web browser www.photos.google.com/

 • Then login with your Google ID.

 • Now click on the three lines shown on your screen.

 • Now click on Bin option and select photo.

 • Recover your photos by clicking Restore option.

Last words,

Now you must have understood very well how to recover deleted photos from Google Photos.  If you find this information useful, then share it with your peers.

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